The idea behind Wupload

is simple and revolutionary. We offer full anonymousity for everyone and everything. No matter what you do, we keep silent.

With servers located in switzerland and germany, we make sure your data is handled to 100% discrete and secure. No 3rd party's who can access - not even us. Only you! Even if your links get reported by federal buros, no IP's will be handed out as there aren't any.

Our site works completly log free. And therefor protects you and your privacy, everywhere you go.


Astonishing backend

Simple and functional

We invested a lot of time in developing the best and most user friendly backend ever created - using the latest technologies and tools to achieve the best, possible result.


Free to use

Stop paying for any storage

We offer you 15GB for free to start. No waiting times, speed or traffic limit. 15GB mean 15GB - not less nor more. And guess whats the best thing? Everything is stored on a RAID 5 SSD, to make sure your files are delivered with the maximum possible speed and reliability.


Not convinced yet?

Check out a few more reasons why to decide for us.


To make sure we don't waste any performance and keep enviromentally friendly we use water cooled servers, just like wind energy to offer a carbonite neutral hosting.


Your opinions and ideas are the thing which is most important for us. Say what you think - we are open for everything.

Latest components

No matter if it is DDR4 RAM or the latest version of NGINX or MariaDB - we got them all. Optimized for maximum stability and performance.

Light as a feather

We optimized our backends code to be as minimalistic and simple as possible, allowing it to be extended easily.

Minimum bureaucracy

All what you need is an email and you are ready to go. Instant activiation guranteed!

Security and Privacy

No more logs, no more control. Upload where and what you want, as long as it isn't against our ToS you are good to go.

Start right today!

Interested to try? Feel free to do so!